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Available PSP Yearly Attitude History files files for Parker Solar Probe

  • File with name spp_YYYYDDD-YYYYDDD_att.bc contains the mission long attitude file, It is generated on a monthly basis. The 2 dates indicate the included start and end date for the given data file.
  • File with name spp_YYYY_doyDDD_att.bc contains the attitude history for the current year from the beginning of the year to the indicated DOY. This is generated on a daily basis.
  • Files with name spp_YYYY_att.bc contain attitiude history for the previous years.

Select FileFile NameFile Size
spp_2020_doy069_att.bc 6.84 Mb
spp_2019_att.bc 33.25 Mb
spp_2018224-2020069_att.bc 52.81 Mb
spp_2018_att.bc 12.73 Mb

Page Last Modified: March 16, 2020