Aim of the SWG Meeting

The PSP/SO joint SWG will provide a forum for in-depth discussions of the science questions targeted by PSP and SO, both of which will launch within a year of the meeting. Sessions will feature model predictions that will be used for planning initial observations and also for prioritizing those science questions that will be addressed early in the missions. Close collaboration between experimental teams and the modeling community is critical for the success of these missions. Key aspects of PSP and SO science objectives will be reviewed and debated from theoretical, observational, and modeling points of view. We encourage contributions from scientists active in the different topics to be addressed by PSP and SO.




  1. Opening Session
  2. Solar Cycle Current State and Predictions
  3. Structure and Dynamics of the Solar Wind
  4. How Do Solar Transients Drive Heliospheric Variability?
  5. Solar Energetic Particles
  6. Plasma Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration
  7. PSP/SO/Ground-Based Synergy



Attendance & Registration

Participation at this meeting is open to the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter science team members. Where necessary, invitations may be made to additional scientists in order to prepare for the analysis and interpretation of the data, and planning of observational strategies.

Please visit the workshop website in order to register and indicate your intention to present a paper



General Information


JHUAPL/Kossiakoff Center

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
11100 Johns Hopkins Road, Laurel, MD 20723, USA

The K-center is within walking distance to the Hilton/Homewood Suites (0.5 mile), many restaurants (Montpelier Shopping Center, 0.6 mile: Facci - Italian; Ginza of Tokyo - Japanese; La Palapa Too - Mexican; Tandoor Grill - Indian; Kloby's - American; Subway), and places of interest.




There are many hotel options in the Columbia area. Many visitors to APL chose to stay in the Hilton/Homewood Suites (Columbia/Laurel; at walking distance from the JHUAPL) or the Sheraton hotel (Columbia; 10-15 minutes driving to and from JHUAPL).

For more options, see Nearby Accommodations, Restaurants, and Transportation for Visitors




Posters will be displayed during coffee breaks and lunches in the dedicated gathering areas. A brief oral poster presentation is foreseen during the regular sessions.

All the relevant information, including venue and accommodation, can be found in the workshop webpage.

For more information, please contact:

Nour E. Raouafi Robert Decker Nicola J. Fox

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