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Parker Solar Probe has begun to revolutionize our understanding of the Sun and Solar Wind through unpresented observations of the near-Sun space environment. Below are a brief snapshot of some of the fundamental science being conducted. Click on a science highlight for a higher resolution download.

Langmuir-Slow Extraordinary Mode Magnetic Signature Observations with Parker Solar Probe
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Inferred Linear Stability of Parker Solar Probe Observations using One- and Two-Component Proton Distributions
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The PSP observations reveal a number of trends in the electron heat flux signatures near the Sun (October 26th 2020)
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Parker Solar Probe Observations of Proton Beams Simultaneous with Ion-scale Waves (August 17th 2020)
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Ion Acceleration at Stream Interaction Regions (SIRs) Observed by the Extraordinary Measurements of Parker Solar Probe (PSP) (August 11th, 2020)
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Why was the solar wind measured during PSP's second perihelion suddenly tenuous and less variable (July 11th, 2020)
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Observations of the 4 April 2019 SEP Event at PSP (July 10th, 2020)
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Long Memory in Switchbacks (July 2nd, 2020)
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Parker Solar Probe Observes a Streamer Blob Up Close (June 17th, 2020)
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