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Three-Dimensional Anisotropy and Scaling Properties of Solar Wind Turbulence at Kinetic Scales in the Inner Heliosphere: Parker Solar Probe Observations

AuthorZhang, J.; Huang, S.~Y.; He, J.~S.; Wang, T.~Y.; Yuan, Z.~G.; Deng, X.~H.; Jiang, K.; Wei, Y.~Y.; Xu, S.~B.; Xiong, Q.~Y.; Lin, R.~T.; Yu, L.;
KeywordsParker Data Used; 1534; 830
AbstractWe utilize the data from the Parker Solar Probe mission at its first perihelion to investigate the three-dimensional (3D) anisotropies and scalings of solar wind turbulence for the total, perpendicular, and parallel magnetic-field fluctuations at kinetic scales in the inner heliosphere. By calculating the five-point second-order structure functions, we find that the three characteristic lengths of turbulence eddies for the total and the perpendicular magnetic-field fluctuations in the local reference frame $(\hatL_\perp ,\hatl_\perp ,\hatl_| | )$ defined with respect to the local mean magnetic field B $_local$ feature as l $_\ensuremath\mid\ensuremath\mid$ > L $_⊥$ > l $_⊥$ in both the transition range and the ion-to-electron scales, but l $_\ensuremath\mid\ensuremath\mid$ > L $_⊥$ ≍ l $_⊥$ for the parallel magnetic-field fluctuations. For the total magnetic-field fluctuations, the wave-vector anisotropy scalings are characterized by $l_| | \propto l_\perp ^0.78$ and $L_\perp \propto l_\perp ^1.02$ in the transition range, and they feature as $l_| | \propto l_\perp ^0.44$ and $L_\perp \propto l_\perp ^0.73$ in the ion-to-electron scales. Still, we need more complete kinetic-scale turbulence models to explain all these observational results.
Year of Publication2022
Number of PagesL21
Date Publishedjan