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On the Scaling Properties of Magnetic-field Fluctuations through the Inner Heliosphere

AuthorAlberti, Tommaso; Laurenza, Monica; Consolini, Giuseppe; Milillo, Anna; Marcucci, Maria; Carbone, Vincenzo; Bale, Stuart;
KeywordsChaos; interplanetary magnetic fields; interplanetary turbulence; Parker Data Used; parker solar probe; Solar Probe Plus; Solar wind; Time series analysis

Although the interplanetary magnetic-field variability has been extensively investigated in situ using data from several space missions, newly launched missions providing high-resolution measures and approaching the Sun offer the possibility to study the multiscale variability in the innermost\ solar\ system. Here, using\ Parker\ Solar\ Probe\ measurements, we investigate the scaling properties of\ solar\ wind magnetic-field fluctuations at different heliocentric distances. The results show a clear transition at distances close to say 0.4 au. Closer to the Sun fluctuations show af(-3/2)frequency power spectra and regular scaling properties, while for distances larger than 0.4 au fluctuations show a Kolmogorov spectrumf(-5/3)and are characterized by anomalous scalings. The observed statistical properties of turbulence suggest that the\ solar\ wind magnetic fluctuations, in the late stage far from the Sun, show a multifractal behavior typical of turbulence and described by intermittency, while in the early stage, when leaving the\ solar\ corona, a breakdown of these properties is observed, thus showing a statistical monofractal global self-similarity. Physically, the breakdown observed close to the Sun should be due either to a turbulence with regular statistics or to the presence of intense stochastic fluctuations able to cancel out the correlations necessary for the presence of anomalous scaling.

Year of Publication2020
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
Number of Pages84
Date Published10/2020