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Verification and validation testing for the parker solar probe guidance and control system

AuthorVaughan, Robin; OShaughnessy, Daniel; Wirzburger, John;
KeywordsFlight control systems; Flight simulators; Orbits; Probes; Testing; Parker Engineering
AbstractParker Solar Probe was launched on a 7-year mission to explore the Sun in August 2018. A successful first orbit was preceded and enabled by a rigorous test campaign prior to launch. This paper discusses two of the main portions of that test program used to characterize and verify the performance of the spacecraft’s guidance and control system. An extensive set of stand-alone simulations was designed to demonstrate compliance with performance requirements and explore system behavior in response to a large set of fault conditions. Another set of simulations was designed to fully exercise the flight software and demonstrate compliance with software requirements. The scenarios covered by these tests are described and procedures used to implement and review simulation results are discussed. Resources and schedule to complete test runs and document the test results are also given.
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Year of Publication2019
JournalAdvances in the Astronautical Sciences
Number of Pages689-700
Date Published