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Charting a course to the sun: Flight path control for parker solar probe

AuthorValerino, Powtawche; Thompson, Paul; Jones, Drew; Goodson, Troy; R., Haw; E., Lau; N., Mottinger; M., Ryne;
KeywordsProbes; Rockets; Space flight; Parker Engineering
AbstractThe successful launch of the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) on August 12, 2018 with a Delta IV rocket and Star-48BV third stage has placed the spacecraft on a 7-year trajectory to study the Sun. The goals of PSP are to better characterize our solar environment and advance our understanding of the Sun at 9.86 Rs. A total of 42 trajectory correction maneuvers are planned. This paper documents trajectory correction maneuver analysis performed just prior to launch until just past the first solar encounter. The pre-launch analysis culminated in two final design cycles which analyzed 24 reference trajectories.
© 2019 California Institute of Technology.
Year of Publication2019
JournalAdvances in the Astronautical Sciences
Number of Pages359-373
Date Published