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Risk reduction of integration and testing operations using augmented reality on Parker solar probe

AuthorHahne, Devin; Ruiz, Felipe; DeMatt, Nicholas; Fagan, Adam;
KeywordsAugmented reality; Integration; Probes; Parker Engineering
AbstractFlying a spacecraft involves significant risks, but building and testing should not have to. At the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL), the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) program has leveraged Augmented Reality (AR) to reduce risks involved with mechanical integration and testing (I&T) operations of the spacecraft. Three major contexts benefitted using AR tools: 1) design and rehearsal of integration sequences and procedures, 2) planning and preparing for flight system level testing, and 3) communication collaboration with teams and between organizations, even in non-collocated environments. This paper describes a risk reduction technique by implementing AR in mechanical spacecraft development and testing phases. AR concepts and technology will be described as well as functional benefits experienced by PSP.
Copyright © 2018 The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory LLC
Year of Publication2018
Journal30th Space Simulation Conference: Mission Success Through Testing of Critical Challenges
Number of PagesAPL; ASTM; CSA; IEST; NASA -
Date Published