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Orbit determination covariance analyses for the parker solar probe mission

AuthorJones, Drew; Thompson, Paul; Valerino, Powtawche; Lau, Eunice; Goodson, Troy; Chung, Min-Kun; Mottinger, Neil;
KeywordsAstrophysics; Probes; Parker Engineering
AbstractThis paper details pre-launch navigation covariance analyses for the Parker Solar Probe mission. Baseline models and error assumptions are outlined. The results demonstrate how navigation will satisfy requirements and are used to define operational plans. A few sensitivities are identified and the accompanying investigations are described. Predicted state uncertainty results show that most requirements are met with substantial margin. Moreover, navigation sensitivities may be accommodated operationally and this has been incorporated into project planning. Detailed results are presented only for select launch dates, however twenty unique trajectories (one per launch opportunity) have been assessed.
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Year of Publication2018
JournalAdvances in the Astronautical Sciences
Number of Pages2707-2721
Date Published