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Plasma Waves in Space: The Importance of Properly Accounting for the Measuring Device

AuthorMeyer-Vernet, Nicole; Moncuquet, Michel;
Keywordselectric antennas; parker solar probe; plasma waves; quasi-thermal noise; Solar Probe Plus; Space plasmas

Electric fields are generally measured or calculated using two intuitive assumptions: (1) the electric field equals the voltage divided by the antenna length when the antenna is electromagnetically short (2) the antenna responds best to electric field along its length. Both assumptions are often incorrect for electrostatic fields because they scale as the Debye length or as the electron gyroradius, which may be smaller than the antenna length. Taking into account this little-known fact enables us to complete or correct several recent papers on plasma spontaneous fluctuations in various solar system environments.

Year of Publication2020
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
Number of Pagese27723
Date Published03/2020