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Initial attitude control challenges for the solar probe plus spacecraft

AuthorVaughan, Robin; Shaughnessy, Daniel; Wirzburger, John;
KeywordsAttitude control; Flight control systems; Probes; Space flight; Parker Engineering
AbstractThe Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission plans to launch a spacecraft to explore the Sun in 2018. Attitude control is maintained with a 3-axis stabilized, closed-loop control system. One of the first tasks for this system is acquiring attitude knowledge and establishing attitude control after separation from the launch vehicle. Once control is established, the spacecraft must be moved through a sequence of attitudes to meet power and thermal constraints and reach a powerpositive state. This paper describes the options selected for the sequence of initial attitudes and gives results for expected performance for nominal and contingency timelines after separation.
Year of Publication2017
JournalAdvances in the Astronautical Sciences
Number of Pages3753-3771
Date Published