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Ceramic coatings for the solar probe plus mission

AuthorMehoke, D.; Congdon, E.; , Drewry; Eddins, C.; Deacon, R.; Wolf, T.; Hahn, D.; King, D.; Nagle, D.; Buchta, M.; Zhang, D.; Hemker, K.; Spicer, J.; Jones, J.; Ryan, S.; Schlichter, G.;
KeywordsGrain growth; Microstructure; Optical properties; Probes; Parker Engineering
AbstractA study was conducted to develop the coatings needed to protect the Solar Probe Plus Thermal Protection System (TPS) from the harsh environment. The TPS encountered harsh environment during its mission close to the sun, facing significant solar fluxes. The first part of the study addressed the way a coating s microstructure affected its optical properties and the way coatings were designed to maintain the right microstructure over temperature. The study was led by a researcher from the Advanced Technology Laboratory of the Whiting School of Engineering. The design effort focused on coating types, the use of a barrier coating to control chemical interactions of the coating substrate, and the use of grain growth inhibitors.
Year of Publication2010
JournalJohns Hopkins APL Technical Digest (Applied Physics Laboratory)
Number of Pages246-247
Date Published