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Development and implementation of unique testing methods for the Solar Probe Plus array

AuthorGerger, Andrew; Sharps, Paul; Stall, Richard; Sulyma, Christopher; De Zetter, Karen; Johnson, Paul; Crist, Kevin;
KeywordsHeliostats (instruments); Light emitting diodes; NASA; Probes; Parker Engineering
AbstractAs a NASA mission to touch the sun Solar Probe Plus (SPP) reveals challenges previously not encountered in space solar panel design and testing. Simulating flight conditions require new testing methods and equipment which have been specifically developed for this unique PV application. Testing under high intensity, high temperature conditions over large areas poses design and logistic challenges, while testing cell performance degradation to a measurement level error of <1% involved fabrication of custom LED simulators.
© 2015 IEEE.
Year of Publication2015
Journal2015 IEEE 42nd Photovoltaic Specialist Conference, PVSC 2015
Number of Pages
Date Published