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Parker Solar Probe FIELDS Instrument Charging in the Near Sun Environment: Part 2: Comparison of In Flight Data and Modeling Results

AuthorDiaz-Aguado, M.; Bonnell, J.; Bale, S.; Wang, J.; Gruntman, M.;
Keywordsplasma environment; spacecraft charging; Parker Data Used
AbstractThis research shows Part II of the Spacecraft Interaction Plasma Software (SPIS) used to model the parker solar probe (PSP) FIELDS instrument and its interactions with the Solar Wind. Flight data were used to run the PSP model and compared with models using past predicted parameters. The effect of voltage biasing between the antenna, its shield, and the spacecraft on the current balance of each surface was investigated at first perihelion (0.16AU). The model data were reduced to I-V curves to find current saturations (analysis results 52 µA vs. flight results 54-72 µA), and sheath resistances (analysis results of 307 kΩ vs. flight results of 51 kΩ). The recommended bias current to ensure optimal sensitivity of the FIELDS antenna was between -52 and -22 µA, which corresponded to a differential potential with respect to the spacecraft between -5 and 5 V. The analysis also shows that plasma sheath of the FIELDS antenna and the plasma sheath of the FIELDS shield interacted between each other with an impedance of ∼220 kΩ.
Year of Publication2021
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research (Space Physics)
Number of Pagese28689
Date Published05/2021