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Turbulent Proton Heating Rate in the Solar Wind from 545 R

AuthorRaja, Sasikumar; Subramanian, Prasad; Ingale, Madhusudan; Ramesh, R.; Maksimovic, Milan;
KeywordsSolar wind; Radio occultation; 1534; 1351; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; Physics - Plasma Physics; Physics - Space Physics
AbstractVarious remote sensing observations have been used so far to probe the turbulent properties of the solar wind. Using the recently reported density modulation indices that are derived using angular broadening observations of Crab Nebula during 19522013, we measured the solar wind proton heating using the kinetic Alfvn wave dispersion equation. The estimated heating rates vary from 1.58 1014 to 1.01 108 erg cm3 s1 in the heliocentric distance range of 545 R. Further, we found that heating rates vary with the solar cycle in correlation with density modulation indices. The models derived using in situ measurements (for example, electron/proton density, temperature, and magnetic field) that the recently launched Parker Solar Probe observations (planned closest perihelia 9.86 R from the center of the Sun) are useful in the estimation of the turbulent heating rate precisely. Further, we compared our heating rate estimates with the one derived using previously reported remote sensing and in situ observations.
Year of Publication2021
JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
Number of Pages137
Date Published06/2021