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Solar Wind Plasma Particles Organized by the Flow Speed

AuthorPierrard, Viviane; Lazar, Marian; Stverak, Stepan;
KeywordsParker Data Used
AbstractRecent reports of the first data from Parker Solar Probe (PSP) have pointed to a series of links, correlations or anti-correlations between the solar wind bulk speed (VSW) and physical properties of plasma particles from less than 0.25 AU in the corona. In the present paper, we describe corresponding and additional links of solar wind properties, at 0.4 AU and 1.0 AU, in an attempt to complement the PSP data and understand their evolution. A detailed analysis is carried out for the main electron populations, comparing the low-energy (thermal) core and the collisionless suprathermal halo. We show that the anti-correlation observed at 0.4 AU between VSW and the number density (average value) is maintained also at 1 AU for both the core and halo electrons. On the contrary, only the core electrons manifest a clear anti-correlation of the temperature with VSW, while the halo temperature does not vary much. We also describe the ions, protons and helium, which have a more reduced mobility and their properties exhibit different variations with the solar wind speed. The results are used to shed more light on the mechanisms leading to a differential acceleration of these species and the origin of slow and fast wind modulation.
Year of Publication2020
Number of Pages151
Date Published11/2020