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Fundamental performance differences of CMOS and CCD imagers: Part VI

AuthorJanesick, James; Elliott, Tom; Andrews, James; Tower, John;
KeywordsParker Data Used
AbstractPast papers demonstrated advancements made on developing scientific PMOS/NMOS CMOS imagers that match or exceed CCD performance. New data and discussions presented in this paper present further progress on subject matters that include: 1). subcarrier read noise performance with understandings for how the noise floor can be reduced further, 2). comprehensive correlated double sampling (CDS) signal processing noise fundamentals in response to random telegraph and flicker noise sources, 3). high energy radiation damage test data from NASA s BSI SoloHi/WISPR CMOS imager and 4). update on a new scientific BSI PMOS/NMOS stitched Mk x Nk x 10 um 5TPPD pixel imager being fabricated for Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) and NASA s Europa Clipper mission.
Year of Publication2015
Number of Pages
Date Published