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The Radial Distribution of Ion-scale Waves in the Inner Heliosphere

AuthorLiu, Wen; Zhao, Jinsong; Wang, Tieyan; Dong, Xiangcheng; Kasper, Justin; Bale, Stuart; Shi, Chen; Wu, Dejin;
KeywordsParker Data Used; Plasma physics; Space plasmas; Solar wind; 2089; 1544; 1534; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; Physics - Plasma Physics; Physics - Space Physics
AbstractDetermining the mechanism responsible for plasma heating and particle acceleration is a fundamental problem in the study of the heliosphere. Due to efficient wave-particle interactions of ion- scale waves with charged particles, these waves are widely believed to be a major contributor to ion energization, and their contribution considerably depends on the wave occurrence rate. By analyzing the radial distribution of quasi- monochromatic ion-scale waves observed by the Parker Solar Probe, this work shows that the wave occurrence rate is significantly enhanced in the near-Sun solar wind, specifically 21\%-29\% below 0.3 au, in comparison to 6\%-14\% beyond 0.3 au. The radial decrease of the wave occurrence rate is not only induced by the sampling effect of a single spacecraft detection, but also by the physics relating to the wave excitation, such as the enhanced ion beam instability in the near-Sun solar wind. This work also shows that the wave normal angle \ensuremath\theta, the absolute value of ellipticity ϵ, the wave frequency f normalized by the proton cyclotron frequency f $_cp$, and the wave amplitude \ensuremath\delta B normalized by the local background magnetic field B $_0$ slightly vary with the radial distance. The median values of \ensuremath\theta, \ensuremath\midϵ\ensuremath\mid, f, and \ensuremath\delta B are about 9\textdegree, 0.73, 3f $_cp$, and 0.01B $_0$, respectively. Furthermore, this study proposes that the wave mode natures of the observed left- handed and right-handed polarized waves correspond to the Alfv\ en ion cyclotron mode wave and the fast magnetosonic whistler mode wave, respectively.
Year of Publication2023
Number of Pages69
Date Publishedjul