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A Dust Detection Database for the Inner Heliosphere Using the Parker Solar Probe Spacecraft

AuthorMalaspina, David; Toma, Alexandru; Szalay, Jamey; Pulupa, Marc; y, Petr; Bale, Stuart; Goetz, Keith;
KeywordsParker Data Used; Interplanetary dust; Solar wind; space vehicles; Zodiacal cloud; Astronomy databases; 821; 1534; 1549; 1845; 83
AbstractA database of in situ dust impact detections made by the Parker Solar Probe spacecraft is created to facilitate studies of interplanetary dust dynamics in the inner heliosphere. A standardized dust detection methodology is established and tested for validity. Individual impact detections are included in the database, and are used to derive dust impact rates. Impact rates are corrected for effects related to high-amplitude plasma waves and undercounting due to finite detection window duration. These corrections suggest that: (i) most dust impacts on Parker Solar Probe are consistent with a random process; and (ii) the true dust impact rate may be \raisebox-0.5ex\textasciitilde50\% greater than the impact rate determined using uncorrected data for certain portions of the orbit, especially near perihelion.
Year of Publication2023
Number of Pages21
Date Publishedjun