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Small-scale Magnetic Flux Ropes in Stream Interaction Regions from Parker Solar Probe and Wind Spacecraft Observations

AuthorChen, Yu; Hu, Qiang; Allen, Robert; Jian, Lan;
KeywordsParker Data Used; Solar wind; Fast solar wind; Astronomy data analysis; Solar magnetic reconnection; 1534; 1872; 1858; 1504
AbstractUsing in situ measurements from the Parker Solar Probe and Wind spacecraft, we investigate the small-scale magnetic flux ropes (SFRs) and their properties inside stream interaction regions (SIRs). Within SIRs from \raisebox-0.5ex\textasciitilde0.15 to 1 au, SFRs are found to exist in a wide range of solar wind speeds with more frequent occurrences after the stream interface, and the Alfv\ enicity of these structures decreases significantly with increasing heliocentric distances. Furthermore, we examine the variation of five corresponding SIRs from the same solar sources. The enhancements of suprathermal electrons within these SIRs persist at 1 au and are observed multiple times. An SFR appears to occur repeatedly with the recurring SIRs and is traversed by the Wind spacecraft at least twice. This set of SFRs has similarities in variations of the magnetic field components, plasma bulk properties, density ratio of solar wind alpha and proton particles, and unidirectional suprathermal electrons. We also show, through the detailed time- series plots and Grad-Shafranov reconstruction results, that they possess the same chirality and carry comparable amounts of magnetic flux. Lastly, we discuss the possibility for these recurring SFRs to be formed via interchange reconnection, maintain the connection with the Sun, and survive up to 1 au.
Year of Publication2023
Number of Pages33
Date Publishedjan