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Turbulence and Waves in the Sub-Alfv\ enic Solar Wind Observed by the Parker Solar Probe during Encounter 10

AuthorZhao, L.; Zank, G.~P.; Adhikari, L.; Telloni, D.; Stevens, M.; Kasper, J.~C.; Bale, S.~D.; Raouafi, N.~E.;
KeywordsParker Data Used; Solar Coronal Waves; interplanetary turbulence; Solar wind; 1995; 830; 1534
AbstractDuring its 10th orbit around the Sun, the Parker Solar Probe sampled two intervals where the local Alfv\ en speed exceeded the solar wind speed, lasting more than 10 hours in total. In this paper, we analyze the turbulence and wave properties during these periods. The turbulence is observed to be Alfv\ enic and unbalanced, dominated by outward-propagating modes. The power spectrum of the outward-propagating Elsässer z $^+$ mode steepens at high frequencies while that of the inward- propagating z $^-$ mode flattens. The observed Elsässer spectra can be explained by the nearly incompressible (NI) MHD turbulence model with both 2D and Alfv\ enic components. The modeling results show that the z $^+$ spectra are dominated by the NI/slab component, and the 2D component mainly affects the z $^-$ spectra at low frequencies. An MHD wave decomposition based on an isothermal closure suggests that outward-propagating Alfv\ en and fast magnetosonic wave modes are prevalent in the two sub-Alfv\ enic intervals, while the slow magnetosonic modes dominate the super-Alfv\ enic interval in between. The slow modes occur where the wavevector is nearly perpendicular to the local mean magnetic field, corresponding to nonpropagating pressure-balanced structures. The alternating forward and backward slow modes may also be features of magnetic reconnection in the near-Sun heliospheric current sheet.
Year of Publication2022
Number of PagesL36
Date Publishedaug