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Short wavelength electromagnetic perturbations excited near the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft in the inner heliosphere: 2.5D hybrid modeling

AuthorLipatov, Alexander; Sittler, Edward; Hartle, Richard; Cooper, John;
KeywordsAlfv\ en waves; Induced magnetospheres; Magnetic barrier; Parker Data Used; parker solar probe; Solar Probe Plus; Solar wind; Spacecraft; Whistlers

A 2.5D numerical plasma model of the interaction of the solar wind (SW) with the Solar Probe Plus spacecraft (SPPSC) is presented. These results should be interpreted as a basic plasma model derived from the SW interaction with the spacecraft (SC), which could have consequences for both plasma wave and electron plasma measurements on board the SC in the inner heliosphere. Compression waves and electric field jumps with amplitudes of about 1.5 V/m and (12-18) V/m were also observed. A strong polarization electric field was also observed in the wing of the plasma wake. However, 2.5D hybrid modeling did not show excitation of whistler/Alfv\ en waves in the upstream connected with the bi-directional current closure that was observed in short-time 3D modeling SPPSC and near a tether in the ionosphere. The observed strong electromagnetic perturbations may be a crucial point in the electromagnetic measurements planned for the future Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission. The results of modeling electromagnetic field perturbations in the SW due to ;shot; noise in absence of SPPSC are also discussed.\ \ \ \ 

Year of Publication2012
JournalPlanetary and Space Science
Number of Pages61-68
Date Published03/2012