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Evolution of the Solar Flare Energetic Electrons in the Inhomogeneous Inner Heliosphere

AuthorReid, Hamish; Kontar, Eduard;
KeywordsAstrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; dynamics; Energetic particles; flares; parker solar probe; plasma; propagation; Radio bursts; Solar Probe Plus; Solar wind; type III; waves

Solar flare accelerated electrons escaping into the interplanetary space and seen as type III solar radio bursts are often detected near the Earth. Using numerical simulations we consider the evolution of energetic electron spectrum in the inner heliosphere and near the Earth. The role of Langmuir wave generation, heliospheric plasma density fluctuations, and expansion of magnetic field lines on the electron peak flux and fluence spectra is studied to predict the electron properties as could be observed by Solar Orbiter and Solar Probe Plus. Considering various energy loss mechanisms we show that the substantial part of the initial energetic electron energy is lost via wave-plasma processes due to plasma inhomogeneity. For the parameters adopted, the results show that the electron spectrum changes mostly at the distances before ̃ 20 R . Further into the heliosphere, the electron flux spectrum of electrons forms a broken power law relatively similar to what is observed at 1 AU.

Year of Publication2013
JournalSolar Physics
Number of Pages217-232
Date Published07/2013