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The Solar Probe Plus Ground Based Network

AuthorSchwadron, N.; Bastian, T.; Leibacher, J.; Gary, D.; Pevtsov, A.; Velli, M.; Burkpile, J.; Raouafi, N.; Deforest, C.;
KeywordsParker Data Used; SPP White Papers

Executive Summary. The role of the Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Ground-Based Network\ (SPP-GBN) is to optimize and enhance the science return of the SPP mission by\ providing unique data from the ground. The role of the GBN extends to planning and\ coordination, supported by appropriate infrastructure, to ensure that the right kinds of\ observations are acquired by the various facilities (see below), at the right times, and that\ the data are readily accessible to the community for a variety of uses. The SPP-GBN\ addresses science questions that will help interpreting SPP data, but also provide global\ context and allow us to understand how SPP observations inform our understanding of\ solar phenomena. Specifically, the SPP-GBN science questions are\ 

\textbullet How do the corona and inner heliosphere magnetically connect to the Sun?

\textbullet How are solar energetic particles accelerated and transported to SPP, Solar Orbiter\ (SO), and other space missions?

\textbullet What generates wave and turbulence energy on and near the Sun?

These questions can be traced to GBN measurements, data products, and impacts (see\ Table 1). This white paper outlines the capabilities of the GBN and the large potential\ scientific value for the SPP mission.

Year of Publication2016
Number of Pages
Date Published