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Theory of magnetic field line random walk in noisy reduced magnetohydrodynamic turbulence

Ruffolo, D.; Matthaeus, W.~H.;

Published by: Physics of Plasmas      Published on: 01/2013

YEAR: 2013     DOI: 10.1063/1.4789606

Parker Data Used; plasma fluctuations; plasma magnetohydrodynamics; plasma simulation; plasma transport processes; plasma turbulence; random processes; Solar corona; stochastic processes; 52.25.Fi; 05.40.Fb; 52.30.Cv; 52.35.Ra; 52.65.Kj; 52.25.Gj; Transport properties; Random walks and Levy flights; Magnetohydrodynamics; plasma turbulence; Magnetohydrodynamic and fluid equation; Fluctuation and chaos phenomena