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Nonlinear Interaction of a 3D Kinetic Alfv\ en Wave with a Null Point and Turbulence Generation in the Solar Corona

In the present paper, we have studied nonlinear kinetic Alfv\ en waves (KAWs) in the vicinity of a null point. We have considered the nonlinearity due to ponderomotive effects associated with KAWs in the solar corona. A 3D model equation representing the dynamics of KAWs is developed in this null point scenario. Using numerical methods, we have solved the model equation for solar coronal parameters. The pseudospectral method and the finite difference method have been applied to tackle spatial integration and temporal evaluat ...

Patel, G.; Pathak, N.; Uma, R.; Sharma, R.~P.;

Published by: \solphys      Published on: nov

YEAR: 2022     DOI: 10.1007/s11207-022-02083-5

Parker Data Used; Solar corona heating-Sun: corona- turbulence; Wave; Null points