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Flight path control analysis for parker solar probe

An unprecedented NASA mission to study the Sun, known as Parker Solar Probe (PSP), is under development. The primary objective of the PSP mission is to gather new data within 10 solar radii of the Sun’s center. The purpose of this paper is to review the statistical analysis of trajectory correction maneuvers (TCMs) for PSP’s baseline trajectory. The baseline mission includes a total of 42 TCMs that will be accomplished with a monopropellant propulsion system that consists of twelve 4.4 N thrusters. Assuming curre ...

Valerino, Powtawche; Thompson, Paul; Jones, Drew; Goodson, Troy; Chung, Min-Kun; Mottinger, Neil;

Published by: Advances in the Astronautical Sciences      Published on:

YEAR: 2018     DOI:

Astrophysics; NASA; Probes; Propulsion; Statistical methods; Parker Engineering