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Solar Probe Plus (SPP) spacecraft power system

The Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission, under NASA s Living with a Star program, will fly a spacecraft (S/C) through the sun s outer corona with orbit perihelia that gradually approach as close as 9.5 solar radii from the center of the sun. The mission will gather data on the processes of coronal heating, solar wind acceleration, and the production, evolution and transport of solar energetic particles. The S/C is powered by two actively cooled photovoltaic solar array (S/A) wings. Due to the extreme environments near the sun, th ...

Roufberg, Lew; Baisden, Carson;

Published by: 10th Annual International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, IECEC 2012      Published on:

YEAR: 2012     DOI:

Battery management systems; Charging (batteries); Electric power system control; NASA; Orbits; Probes; Secondary batteries; Solar cell arrays; Space flight; Parker Engineering