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Spacecraft power distribution unit test system re-use: Advantages, pitfalls and challenges

The Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission, part of NASA s Living With a Star program, is set to launch in July of 2018 on a trip to travel through the Sun s corona. The first component that will be integrated to the spacecraft is the Power Distribution Unit (PDU). The SPP PDU was based on the PDU design utilized for the Van Allen Probes (formerly Radiation Belt Storm Probes) mission, but with some very significant differences. Due to the fact that the SPP spacecraft is a much more complex vehicle, it requires nearly twice as many p ...

Bucior, Sarah; Segal, Lisa;

Published by: IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings      Published on:

YEAR: 2017     DOI:

Commercial off-the-shelf; NASA; Probes; Radiation belts; Spacecraft; Telemetering equipment; Testing; Parker Engineering