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Magnetic field reversals and long-time memory in conducting flows

Dmitruk, P.; Mininni, P.~D.; Pouquet, A.; Servidio, S.; Matthaeus, W.~H.;

Published by: \pre      Published on: 10/2014

YEAR: 2014     DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.90.043010

Parker Data Used; 47.65.-d; 47.27.E-; 47.35.Tv; 91.25.Mf; Magnetohydrodynamics and electrohydrodynamics; Turbulence simulation and modeling; Magnetohydrodynamic waves; Magnetic field reversals: process and timescale; Physics - Fluid Dynamics; Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics; Physics - Geophysics; Physics - Plasma Physics


Coherent structures, intermittent turbulence, and dissipation in high-temperature plasmas

Karimabadi, H.; Roytershteyn, V.; Wan, M.; Matthaeus, W.~H.; Daughton, W.; Wu, P.; Shay, M.; Loring, B.; Borovsky, J.; Leonardis, E.; Chapman, S.~C.; Nakamura, T.~K.~M.;

Published by: Physics of Plasmas      Published on: 01/2013

YEAR: 2013     DOI: 10.1063/1.4773205

Parker Data Used; astrophysical plasma; plasma Alfven waves; plasma kinetic theory; plasma simulation; plasma temperature; plasma transport processes; plasma turbulence; Solar wind; 52.35.Ra; 94.05.Lk; 94.05.Pt; 52.25.Dg; 52.25.Fi; 52.35.Bj; plasma turbulence; turbulence; Wave/wave wave/particle interactions; Plasma kinetic equations; Transport properties; Magnetohydrodynamic waves