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Flight software verification methods in frontier radio for solar probe plus mission

Success of deep space missions requires comprehensive performance verification for all hardware and software systems on the spacecraft over a broad scope of conditions and configurations, including the telecommunications subsystem. NASA Solar Probe Plus mission uses a software-defined radio for its telecommunications; thus a dedicated suite of tests are required for verification of the radio software in addition to traditional hardware verification procedures. Frontier Radio, developed by Johns Hopkins University Applied Phy ...

Kufahl, Katelyn; Wortman, Kristin; Burke, Linda; Hennawy, Joseph; Adams, Norman; Sheehi, Joseph;

Published by: IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings      Published on:

YEAR: 2017     DOI:

Computer software selection and evaluation; Digital radio; Digital signal processing; Instrument testing; Interplanetary flight; NASA; Probes; radio receivers; Software radio; Verification; Parker Engineering


Solar Probe Plus, mission update

Solar Probe Plus (SPP) will be the first mission to fly into the low solar corona, revealing how the corona is heated and the solar wind is accelerated, solving two fundamental mysteries that have been top-priority science goals for over five decades. Thanks to an innovative design, emerging technology developments and a significant risk reducing engineering development program these critical goals will soon be achieved. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, is designing and building th ...

Morse, Brian; Kinnison, James; Lockwood, Mary; Reynolds, Edward; Fox, Nicola;

Published by: 62nd International Astronautical Congress 2011, IAC 2011      Published on:

YEAR: 2011     DOI:

Carbon; Heating; Instrument testing; Interplanetary flight; magnetic fields; Microwave antennas; NASA; Probes; Solar cell arrays; Solar radiation; Solar wind; Temperature; Parker Engineering