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Deriving Large Coronal Magnetic Loop Parameters Using LOFAR J Burst Observations

Large coronal loops around one solar radius in altitude are an important connection between the solar wind and the low solar corona. However, their plasma properties are ill-defined, as standard X-ray and UV techniques are not suited to these low-density environments. Diagnostics from type J solar radio bursts at frequencies above 10 MHz are ideally suited to understand these coronal loops. Despite this, J-bursts are less frequently studied than their type III cousins, in part because the curvature of the coronal loop makes ...

Zhang, Jinge; Reid, Hamish; Krupar, Vratislav; Zucca, Pietro; Dabrowski, Bartosz; Krankowski, Andrzej;

Published by: \solphys      Published on: jan

YEAR: 2023     DOI: 10.1007/s11207-022-02096-0

Parker Data Used; Energetic particles; Electrons; magnetic fields; Corona; Radio emission; Radio bursts; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics

Solar Electron Beam Velocities That Grow Langmuir Waves in the Inner Heliosphere

Solar accelerated electron beams, a component of space weather, are emitted by eruptive events at the Sun. They interact with the ambient plasma to grow Langmuir waves, which subsequently produce radio emission, changing the electrons motion through space. Solar electron beam-plasma interactions are simulated using a quasilinear approach to kinetic theory to probe the variations in the maximum electron velocity [\ensuremath\Xi ] responsible for Langmuir wave growth between the Sun s surface and 50 R$_\ensuremath\odot$ above ...

Lorfing, Camille; Reid, Hamish;

Published by: \solphys      Published on: apr

YEAR: 2023     DOI: 10.1007/s11207-023-02145-2

Electrons; particle emission; Radio radiation; Langmuir waves; space weather