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Solar Chromospheric Network as a Source for Solar Wind Switchbacks

Recent studies suggest that the magnetic switchbacks (SBs) detected by the Parker Solar Probe carry information on the scales of solar supergranulation (large scale) and granulation (medium scale). We test this claim using high-resolution H\ensuremath\alpha images obtained with the visible spectropolarimeters of the Goode Solar Telescope in Big Bear Solar Observatory. As possible solar sources, we count all the spicule-like features standing along the chromospheric networks near the coronal hole boundary visible in the H\ens ...

Lee, Jeongwoo; Yurchyshyn, Vasyl; Wang, Haimin; Yang, Xu; Cao, Wenda; Oliveros, Juan;

Published by: \apjl      Published on: aug

YEAR: 2022     DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/ac86bf

Parker Data Used; Solar magnetic fields; Solar chromosphere; Solar wind; interplanetary magnetic fields; 1503; 1479; 1534; 824