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Harmonic Radio Emission in Randomly Inhomogeneous Plasma

In the present paper, we describe a theoretical model of the generation of harmonic emissions of type III solar radio bursts. The goal of our study is to fully take into account the most efficient physical processes involved in the generation of harmonic electromagnetic emission via nonlinear coupling of Langmuir waves in randomly inhomogeneous plasma of solar wind ( $l+l^\prime \to t$ ). We revisit the conventional mechanism of coalescence of primarily generated and back-scattered Langmuir waves in quasihomogeneous plasma. ...

Tkachenko, Anna; Krasnoselskikh, Vladimir; Voshchepynets, Andrii;

Published by: The Astrophysical Journal      Published on: 02/2021

YEAR: 2021     DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/abd2bd

Parker Data Used; Solar wind; interplanetary turbulence; Solar Coronal Waves; 1534; 830; 1995; Physics - Plasma Physics; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; Physics - Space Physics