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Estimating intermittency significance by means of surrogate data: implications for solar wind turbulence

Introduction: Intermittency is a property of turbulent astrophysical plasmas, such as the solar wind, that implies irregularity and fragmentation, leading to non-uniformity in the transfer rate of energy carried by nonlinear structures from large to small scales. We evaluated the intermittency level of the turbulent magnetic field measured by the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) in the slow solar wind in the proximity of the Sun during the probe s first close encounter.Methods: A quantitative measure of intermittency could be deduce ...

Teodorescu, Eliza; Echim, Marius; Johnson, Jay;

Published by: Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences      Published on: jun

YEAR: 2023     DOI: 10.3389/fspas.2023.1188126

Parker Data Used