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(Non)radial Solar Wind Propagation through the Heliosphere

The solar wind nonradial velocity components observed beyond the Alfv\ en point are usually attributed to waves, the interaction of different streams, or other transient phenomena. However, Earth-orbiting spacecraft as well as monitors at L1 indicate systematic deviations of the wind velocity from the radial direction. Since these deviations are of the order of several degrees, the calibration of the instruments is often questioned. This paper investigates for the first time the evolution of nonradial components of the so ...

cek, Zden\v; a, Tereza; a, Jana; Richardson, John; Simůnek, Jiř\; Stevens, Michael;

YEAR: 2020     DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/ab9ff7

Parker Data Used; parker solar probe; Solar Probe Plus