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Plasma Turbulence in the Near-Sun and Near-Earth Solar Wind: A Comparison via Observation-Driven 2D Hybrid Simulations

Franci, Luca; Papini, Emanuele; Del Sarto, Daniele; Hellinger, Petr; Burgess, David; Matteini, Lorenzo; Landi, Simone; Montagud-Camps, Victor;

Published by: Universe      Published on: aug

YEAR: 2022     DOI: 10.3390/universe8090453

Parker Data Used


Resistive Magnetohydrodynamics Simulations of the Ideal Tearing Mode

Landi, S.; Del Zanna, L.; Papini, E.; Pucci, F.; Velli, M.;

Published by: \apj      Published on: 06/2015

YEAR: 2015     DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/806/1/131

Parker Data Used; magnetohydrodynamics: MHD; magnetic reconnection; methods: numerical; plasmas; Sun: magnetic fields; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics