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Reliable commanding and telemetry operations using CFDP

The Solar Probe Plus (SPP) mission to be launched in 2018 is designed to use CFDP (CCSDS File Delivery Protocol) Class 2 Reliable Transfer in the majority of spacecraft commanding as well as for playback of recorded telemetry. A prioritized SSR telemetry playback interface using CFDP was developed on MESSENGER and Van Allen Probes and will be reused on SPP. Similar to MESSENGER, telemetry files of instrument data will be provided directly to the appropriate Science Operations Center (SOC) and not processed by the Mission Ope ...

Melin, Eric; Krupiarz, Christopher; Monaco, Christopher; Pinkine, Nickalaus; Harrington-Duff, Patricia;

Published by: 14th International Conference on Space Operations, 2016      Published on:

YEAR: 2016     DOI:

Probes; System-on-chip; Parker Engineering