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Risk reduction of integration and testing operations using augmented reality on Parker solar probe

Flying a spacecraft involves significant risks, but building and testing should not have to. At the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU APL), the Parker Solar Probe (PSP) program has leveraged Augmented Reality (AR) to reduce risks involved with mechanical integration and testing (I&T) operations of the spacecraft. Three major contexts benefitted using AR tools: 1) design and rehearsal of integration sequences and procedures, 2) planning and preparing for flight system level testing, and 3) communication ...

Hahne, Devin; Ruiz, Felipe; DeMatt, Nicholas; Fagan, Adam;

Published by: 30th Space Simulation Conference: Mission Success Through Testing of Critical Challenges      Published on:

YEAR: 2018     DOI:

Augmented reality; Integration; Probes; Parker Engineering


The radio frequency telecommunications system for the NASA Europa clipper mission

The NASA Europa Clipper mission, a partnership between the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), is currently in Phase B and scheduled for launch in 2022. A Jupiter orbiter, it will perform repeated flybys of the moon, Europa, to assess the icy moon’s structure and habitability. The spacecraft’s dual X/Ka-band radio frequency telecommunications subsystem has five primary functions: Provide spacecraft command capability ...

Srinivasan, Dipak; Angert, Matthew; Ballarotto, Mihaela; Berman, Simmie; Bray, Matthew; Garvey, Robert; Hahne, Devin; Haskins, Chris; Porter, Jamie; Schulze, Ron; Scott, Chris; Sharma, Avinash; Sheldon, Colin;

Published by: Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC      Published on:

YEAR: 2017     DOI:

Data handling; Earth (planet); Microwave antennas; NASA; Orbits; Propulsion; Radio navigation; Radio waves; Space flight; Telecommunication; Traveling wave tubes; Parker Engineering


Antenna scattering measurements using a scaled 3-D printed spacecraft model

A method to measure an antenna s performance when mounted to an electrically large and complex-shaped spacecraft is described. In the past, either time-intensive numerical simulations or antenna range measurements of an expensive full-scale model of the spacecraft were used to determine the antenna s performance. An alternative method fabricated a reduced-size scaled spacecraft model using 3-D printing processes. The antenna is also reduced in size by the same scale factor as the spacecraft, but the frequency of operation is ...

Sharma, Avinash; Hahne, Devin; Stilwell, Robert; Malouf, Perry;

Published by: 2016 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, APSURSI 2016 - Proceedings      Published on:

YEAR: 2016     DOI:

Parker Engineering