Parker Solar Probe Scholars

Objectives of the Meeting Series

The Parker Solar Probe team is launching a new meeting series, i.e., the Parker Solar Probe Scholars, to promote heliophysics research by early-career scientists. The current situation (i.e., COVID-19 pandemic) has affected all scientists, and particularly our early-career colleagues. The new platform will provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, etc., to showcase their research, advance their careers, foster collaborations, and seek help when needed. It is also meant to promote diversity and interest in recent space missions (e.g., Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter), ground-based observatories (e.g., DKIST), and heliophysics in general, and do so in a friendly and collegial environment.

Parker Solar Probe Scholars will be a regular virtual meeting series – a half to a full day meeting every three months. Although the forum is open to all scientists interested in Parker Solar Probe science, the priority will be given to early-career scientists. Senior scientists are also invited to attend and participate in the discussions, mentor, and advise.

NASA's Parker Solar Probe (PSP) mission launched on August 12, 2018, and has completed seven of its 24 scheduled orbits around the Sun. On February 20, 2021, the spacecraft will fly by Venus for the fourth time since launch, reducing its perihelion to 15.97 Rsun. The primary science objectives of the PSP mission are:

  1. Trace the flow of energy that heats and accelerates the solar corona and solar wind.
  2. Determine the structure and dynamics of the plasma and magnetic fields at the sources of the solar wind.
  3. Explore mechanisms that accelerate and transport energetic particles.

Parker Solar Probe observations – a science treasure trove that holds the potential for breakthrough discoveries – are being released to the public on schedule and regularly. Data from the first five orbits were already released and are available through NASA’s Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) and Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC), the APL Parker Solar Probe Gateway, and the Science Operation Centers of the four science investigation teams (University of California, BerkeleyPrinceton UniversityHarvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics; and Naval Research Laboratory).


Organizing Committee:

Nour E. Raouafi (host)
Tatiana Niembro Hernández
Clara Froment
Claire Gasque
Jamie S. Rankin
Vamsee Krishna Jagarlamudi
Kristoff W. Paulson


Next Meeting Date:

First Meeting: April 27-28, 2021 (past)
Second Meeting: April 17-18, 2021 (past)
Third Meeting: November 9-10, 2021 (past)

Fourth Meeting: November 8-9, 2022

Fifth Meeting: TBD Spring 2023



First Meeting (past): PSP_Scholars_Meeting-27-028April2021_Agenda-and-Abstracts_v1.pdfSecond Meeting: TBD


Past Meetings:

Day 1 of the 4th PSP Scholars Meeting: 2022-11-08_4th-PSP-Scholars_Day1.mp4

Day 2 of the 4th PSP Scholars Meeting: 2022-11-09_4th-PSP-Scholars_Day2.mp4


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