TitleStudy of Band IV of Porphin by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1974
AuthorsPlus, R, Lutz, M
JournalSpectroscopy Letters
Pagination73 - 84
Date Published01/1974
Keywordsparker solar probe; Solar Probe Plus

Excitation spectra were obtained for 21 resonance Raman bands of porphin from 455 to 515 nm. Each of them exhibited one to three maxima which generally lay close to 453, 475 and 490 nm. These three resonance levels were tentatively attributed to the presence of pure electronic transitions in band IV. The few other maxima could be interpreted as resonance at vibrational sublevels of band III. The structure of band IV is thus shown to be of greater complexity than has been generally suspected up to now.

Short TitleSpectroscopy Letters

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