TitleThermal radiative properties of carbon materials under high temperature and vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) radiation for the heat shield of the Solar Probe Plus mission
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBalat-Pichelin, M, Eck, J, Sans, JL
JournalApplied Surface Science
Pagination2829 - 2835
Date Published01/2012
KeywordsCarbon material; High temperature; Ion etching; Solar Probe Plus; Thermal radiative properties; VUV radiation

The Solar Probe Plus (SP+) mission will approach the Sun as close as 9.5 solar radii in order to understand the origin of the solar corona heating and the acceleration of the solar wind. Submitted to such extreme environmental conditions, a thermal protection system is considered to protect the payload of the SP+ spacecraft. Carbon-based materials are good candidate to fulfill this role and critical point remains the equilibrium temperature reached at perihelion by the heat shield. In this paper, experimental results obtained for the solar absorptivity α, the total hemispherical emissivity ɛ and its ratio α/ɛ, conditioning the equilibrium temperature of the thermal protection system, are presented for different kinds of carbon materials heated at high temperatures with or without vacuum-UV (100 < λ < 200 nm) radiation. The synergistic effect of ion bombardment is also presented for one kind of material.

Short TitleApplied Surface Science

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