Parker Solar Probe Event Lists


Parker Solar Probe has observed many transient events during its multiple orbits. This page serves as a repository for event lists created by the Parker Solar Probe instrument and project teams to help aid ongoing research activities of the heliospheric commity. For more information about the lists, please see the detailed descriptions below. If you have a list you would like added to this page, contact Robert C. Allen.


SIR/CIR List with Corresponding Observations at Other Spacecraft

A list of Stream Interaction Regions (SIRs) and Corotating Interaction Regions (CIRs) observed by Parker Solar Probe is updated with every public data release. The events are checked to see if there are corresponding observations from L1 missions (ACE/Wind) and STEREO-A. Corresponding observations at Solar Orbiter will be added as data becomes available. For more information on the event selection criteria, please refer to Allen et al. (2020). These events, along with events from other SIR/CIR lists, can also be found on the HELIO4CAST website.

Lists last updated on 2022 May 12

SIR/CIR Observations at PSP

Corresponding SIR/CIR Observations at STEREO-A

Corresponding SIR/CIR Observations at L1 (ACE/Wind)

Corresponding SIR/CIR Observations at Solar Orbiter




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ICME Catalog

A list of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs) observed at Parker Solar Probe and other spacecraft missions based on in situ magnetic field and bulk plasma observations can be found on the HELIO4CAST website.