TitleSPIE ProceedingsSeeing the corona with the solar probe plus mission: the wide-field imager for solar probe+ (WISPR)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVourlidas, A, Howard, RA, Plunkett, SP, Korendyke, CM, Carter, MT, Thernisien, AFR, Chua, DH, Van Duyne, P, Socker, DG, Linton, MG, Liewer, PC, Hall, JR, Morrill, JS, DeJong, EM, Mikic, Z, Rochus, PLPM, Bothmer, V, Rodman, J, Lamy, P
EditorFineschi, S, Fennelly, J
Conference NameSPIE Optical Engineering + ApplicationsSolar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation V
Date Published09/2013
Conference LocationSan Diego, California, United States
KeywordsHeliospheric imager; Imaging, Thomson scattering; Solar corona; Solar Probe Plus; Solar wind

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