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Authors: Binias Cindy, Do Van Tu, Jude-Lemeilleur Florence, Plus Martin, Froidefond Jean-Marie, et al.
Title: Environmental factors contributing to the development of brown muscle disease and perkinsosis in Manila clams ( Ruditapes philippinarum ) and trematodiasis in cockles ( Cerastoderma edule ) of Arcachon Bay
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Date: 06/2014 Publisher: Marine Ecology Pages: 67 - 77 DOI: 10.1111/maec.2014.35.issue-s110.1111/maec.12087 Available at:
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Authors: Kombiadou Katerina, Ganthy Florian, Verney Romaric, Plus Martin, and Sottolichio Aldo
Title: Modelling the effects of Zostera noltei meadows on sediment dynamics: application to the Arcachon lagoon

A three-dimensional model has been modified to describe the complex interactions between hydrodynamics, sediment dynamics and biological parameters in the presence of Zostera noltei. The model treats seagrass leafs as flexible blades that bend under hydrodynamic forcing and alter the local momentum and turbulence fluxes and, therefore, the benthic shear conditions; these changes cause related changes to the mass balance at the boundary of the bed, in turn affecting the suspended matter in the column and ultimately primary productivity and the growth of the dwarf-grass. Modelling parameters related to the impact of Z. noltei to the local flow and to erosion and deposition rates were calibrated using flume experimental measurements; results from the calibration of the model are presented . . .
Date: 10/2014 Publisher: Ocean Dynamics Pages: 1499 - 1516 DOI: 10.1007/s10236-014-0754-1 Available at:
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Authors: Ratmaya Widya, Soudant Dominique, Salmon-Monviola Jordy, Plus Martin, Cochennec-Laureau Nathalie, et al.
Title: Reduced phosphorus loads from the Loire and Vilaine rivers were accompanied by increasing eutrophication in the Vilaine Bay (south Brittany, France)

The evolution of eutrophication parameters (i.e., nutrients and phytoplankton biomass) during recent decades was examined in coastal waters of the Vilaine Bay (VB, France) in relation to changes in the Loire and Vilaine rivers. Dynamic linear models were used to study long-term trends and seasonality of dissolved inorganic nutrient and chlorophyll a concentrations (Chl a) in rivers and coastal waters. For the period 1997-2013, the reduction in dissolved riverine inorganic phosphorus (DIP) concentrations led to the decrease in their Chl a levels. However, while dissolved inorganic nitrogen (DIN) concentrations decreased only slightly in the Vilaine, they increased in the Loire, specifically in summer. Simultaneously, phytoplankton in the VB underwent profound changes with increase in bio. . .
Date: 04/2019 Publisher: Biogeosciences Pages: 1361 - 1380 DOI: 10.5194/bg-16-1361-201910.5194/bg-16-1361-2019-supplement Available at:
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