The Solar Probe Plus Ground Based Network

<p>Executive Summary. The role of the Solar Probe Plus (SPP) Ground-Based Network\&nbsp;(SPP-GBN) is to optimize and enhance the science return of the SPP mission by\&nbsp;providing unique data from the ground. The role of the GBN extends to planning and\&nbsp;coordination, supported by appropriate infrastructure, to ensure that the right kinds of\&nbsp;observations are acquired by the various facilities (see below), at the right times, and that\&nbsp;the data are readily accessible to the community for a variety of uses. The SPP-GBN\&nbsp;addresses science questions that will help interpreting SPP data, but also provide global\&nbsp;context and allow us to understand how SPP observations inform our understanding of\&nbsp;solar phenomena. Specifically, the SPP-GBN science questions are\&nbsp;</p> <p>\textbullet How do the corona and inner heliosphere magnetically connect to the Sun?</p> <p>\textbullet How are solar energetic particles accelerated and transported to SPP, Solar Orbiter\&nbsp;(SO), and other space missions?</p> <p>\textbullet What generates wave and turbulence energy on and near the Sun?</p> <p>These questions can be traced to GBN measurements, data products, and impacts (see\&nbsp;Table 1). This white paper outlines the capabilities of the GBN and the large potential\&nbsp;scientific value for the SPP mission.</p>
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